I feel about crochet how most people feel about the internet, I don’t remember how I ever lived without it. I remember the first yarn I purchased and the first project I started, it changed my life.

In the past eleven years I have learned how to crochet blankets, pillows, scarfs, hats, sock, sweaters and so much more. I am constantly learning new crochet stitches, learning how to crochet new projects and stretching myself to be the best crochet artist I can be.

Crochet is an incredible adventure, and, I am so happy to be able to share it with all of you. In the past year I have dedicated myself to becoming a more active member of the maker community. Makers are amazing. I am humbled to be counted in their numbers. And,  I am grateful to all of you joining me on my journey.


Lake Tahoe

Land of the Setting Sun

I am a proud Native Nevadan and business owner. I love the support I receive from the Reno community. Check out my blog to hear about my experience crocheting, to see some of my crochet creations, to learn about my favorite local businesses and other things I love about Nevada.



Where the Sun Always Shines

Going to a festival? Having a snowball fight?  Walking with some wine along the river? I have what you need for your next outing.



Home Sweet Home to Me

Planing your next night in… You have a movie picked out, your snacks are ready. You have a blanket and pillow to cuddle up with, of course. No!?! We’ve got you covered.