About the Creator

All my life, I have wanted to be that old lady that crochets. Then, one day I realized I shouldn’t wait until I am old to be the lady that crochets. I bought some yarn, a hook, and started on a journey.

After I made the decision to crochet, I needed to learn how to do it. But how would I learn? Being a life-long student, I bought a book, naturally. I spent weeks pouring over the stitch diagrams and practicing my stitches, trying to make them look like the stitches in the book. After crocheting feet of chains, I knew it was time I made a project.

They say, “Go big, or go home,” for my first project I went big, a blanket. I had been working on the blanket for six months when I realized that I had gone too big. I put the blanket aside, working on it slowly over the next three years, and started focusing on smaller projects, like beanies.

I cannot tell you how many beanies I have made, actually, I cannot tell you how many items I have crocheted, it must be above 1000. This means I have crocheted millions of stitches, and with each stitch I am reminded of learning my first stitches. I have been on an incredible crochet journey. I love it. Crochet has been one of the most amazing things to happen to my life. I love being able to make things for others. I love being a part of the maker community.