Crochet is a Lake

I remember the day I bought the first ball of yarn I would crochet. I went to Michael’s. In front of me a wall of colors and textures, I walked along marveling, uncertain which I should pick. I wasn’t certain about much, I hadn’t even decided what I wanted to make. I should have decided that before shopping, but I didn’t. I probably should have researched what kind of yarn should be used for certain projects, but I didn’t. I should have read about yarn weights, hook types, hook sizes, oh man, should I have read, but I didn’t. Sometimes you just have to jump into the deep and start swimming, right?

I picked up one ball of yarn after another, deciding which I liked the feeling and color of best. I shopped for the yarn like I was shopping for a sweater, it was a close enough comparison. I finally decided on a yarn made by Lion Brand Yarn, the brand Vanna’s Choice, the color cranberry. The yarn was dark red and very soft, I knew it would make something beautiful, whatever I decided to make. I assumed I would need more than one ball of yarn, so I bought three. I liked the look and feel of the Vanna’s Choice yarn and decided to get two balls in dusty rose and two in dusty green. I felt like I had just bought so much yarn, seven balls.

I was swimming, or so I thought. Actually, I had only walked onto the shore, I hadn’t even put my feet in the water yet. I have come to think of crochet like Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine, second deepest and sixth largest lake in North America. In other words, it is really big. Lake Tahoe has a large shelf before it drops off into the deep. If you wanted to remain on the shore or wade into the water up to your waist or shoulders, just like you could at Lake Tahoe, crochet allows you to do that; with very little knowledge and preparation, you will be proficient. But, if you want to go into the depths of Lake Tahoe, you cannot just swim, you need to have the right tools. I was comfortable on the shelf in the water up to my shoulders, and then someone introduced me to a website for crochet patterns and I knew I couldn’t remain on the shelf. Today, using a wide variety of tools, I am swimming, further and deeper each day. But, even today, sometimes I like to be reckless and buy yarn just because it is pretty and soft.

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