Crossed Stitch

This is one of my favorite stitches that I learned this last year. I know that as a basic crochet stitch I probably should have learned this earlier, but better late than never. The Crossed Stitch, not to be confused with cross-stitch, is created by crocheting a Double Crochet or Triple Crochet stitch, then crocheting behind that stitch, back into skipped stitches/chains. It is a bit complicated, but once you get it you will never understand why you thought it was so complicated in the first place.

I am going to show you Triple Crochet Crossed Stitches. You can start a Crossed Stitch with chains, but I like to anchor my Crossed Stitches (and most of my ‘looser’ stitches) with foundation stitches (DC/TC) at the beginning and ending of the rows. This means that I like two stitches at the beginning and ending of the rows and not the one created by the chains.

Chain a multiple of 3 plus 7.

The Crossed Stitches take up three chains (the multiple) You will need four chains for your starting Triple Crochet, and the remaining three chains are for the anchor Triple Crochet Stitches. If you intend on only crocheting one anchor at the beginning and the ending of the row you will chain a multiple of 3 plus 5.

With my chain of 31 (24 + 7), I created my first Triple Crochet in the fifth chain from the hook.

To begin the Crossed Stitch, skip two chains.

Create a Triple Crochet in the third chain.

If you like the look of one stitch at the beginning and ending of the rows, begin your Crossed Stitch in the sixth chain from the hook and continue working the stitch from here forward.


After completing the Triple Crochet, Chain one.

You will now create a Triple Crochet behind the first Triple Crochet. Skip one chain, i.e. crochet back, into the first of the two skipped chains.

You should now have your second Triple Crochet, a skipped chain, and your first Triple Crochet, in that order from right to left.

To create another Crossed Stitch, skip two chains, create a Triple Crochet in the third chain.

The second Triple Crochet of your second Crossed Stitch should end up in the chain next to the first Triple Crochet of your first Crossed Stitch.


Some patterns may request that you end and begin the Crossed Stitches in the same chains. This is not consistent with that I have reviewed here. Read the pattern carefully. Make sure you count your stitches carefully.


Ta-da, the Crossed Stitch.

I love this stitch! What do you think? What is your favorite stitch? Let’s Talk!

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