Why Crochet?


I feel about crochet how most people feel about the internet, I don’t remember how I ever lived without it. I remember the first yarn I purchased and the first project I started, it changed my life.

Since I began crocheting in 2007, I have learned how to crochet blankets, pillows, scarfs, hats, sock, sweaters and so much more. I am constantly learning new crochet stitches, learning how to crochet new projects and stretching myself to be the best crochet artist I can be.

Crochet is an incredible adventure, and, I am so happy to be able to share it with all of you. I have dedicated myself to becoming a more active member of the maker community. Makers are amazing. I am humbled to be counted in their numbers. And,  I am grateful to all of you joining me on my journey.