How to Create a Y Stitch


I am back again today to walk you through one of last common stitches, the Y Stitch. Just like the X Stitch looks like the letter X, this stitch looks like the letter Y. The Y Stitch creates a tall stitch with lots of space between the stitches, which is great for summer crochet clothing.

To make it easier to see how to make this stitch I have crocheted a row of Double Crochet stitches that I will build the Y Stitch onto. The Y Stitch is created in a Triple Crochet Row. You can create the Triple Crochets as close to or as far away from the Y Stitch as you would like. If you want more space between your Y Stitches, chain and skip the same number of stitches.

You will begin making the Y with a Triple Crochet.

Next you will need to create 2 Chains.

To create the upper left arm of the Y you will need to find the middle of the Triple Crochet Stitch. Create a Double Crochet- Yarn-Over, insert hook into the middle of the Triple Crochet.

Yarn-Over, Pull-Up.

Yarn-Over, Pull-Through two loops.

Yarn-Over, Pull-Through two loops.

Ta-da! You have created a Y Stitch.

This stitch was easier to learn that I thought it was going to be. What do you think? Easy? Hard? Not sure how to use the stitch in a pattern? Well, now that we have reviewed the basic stitches I am going to show you some projects that I have made and that you can make with these stitches!

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