Popcorn Stitch

I love when things are named after food, it is so evocative. Popcorn. If you are picturing what I am picturing, you see puffy, light, semi-round, pop, and the Popcorn Stitch is very much like that. When we created the Bobble stitch, it created a dense stitch that is in line with the other stitches, but the Popcorn Stitch creates a stitch pops up above the other stitches. This stitch is made with Double Crochet, check out this post for a refresher on how to create the Double Crochet Stitch.


Yarn: Medium (4) Weight Yarn- Here I have used Vanna’s Choice Hook: The recommended hook size for the yarn- Here I used a Boye- J-10/6.00MM Yarn Needle/Darning Needle Scissors Stitch Markers (Optional)

Stitches & Abbreviations:

CH- Chain DC- Double Crochet   SLST- Slip Stitch YO- Yarn Over


Chain an even number of stitches.


Make only one Stitch in the Stitch below unless specifically instructed to create more than one Stitch.


R1: Count 2 CH as first DC. DC across the row. Turn. R2: CH 2, count as first DC. Now create the Popcorns. DC in 2nd DC of R1. Create 4 more DC in the same stitch. To create the Popcorn you are going to “fold” this Shell in half. To do this remove your hook from the top of the fifth DC of the Shell and insert the hook into the back-loop of the first DC of the Shell. Feed your hook from the first DC to the fifth DC. Insert your hook into the loop you dropped when you pulled your hook from the top of the last DC. You will now have two loops on your hook. YO and pull through the two loops. Ta-da, you have made a Popcorn Stitch. On your next row, R3, you will need to crochet into the top of the Popcorn Stitch. When we created the Popcorn, we “folded” the Shell. When we did this we pulled a loop through the first and fifth DC, it is this loop that you are going to crochet into. On the back of the Popcorn, find these two loops. YO (we are creating a DC) then insert your hook under the two loops on the back of the Popcorn., make your DC.     Do you enjoy making the Popcorn Stitch? Have stitch you would like to see a tutorial for? Let’s talk!

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