Ribs in the Round

As we have been discussing front-post and back-post double crochet we have reviewed the creation of rectangular, flat projects, like the Waffle Stitch and the Basket Stitch.. But there are times when you may want to use front-post and back-post stitches for a cowl or for a beanie

When making a cowl you can make the cowl flat and connect/sew the ends of the project when you are done, or you can create the cowl in the round

I chose to create a flat project and connect the ends because I wanted the ribs on my cowl to be vertical and not horizontal. If you want to create horizontal ribs you can create the project flat or in the round.

To create this flat project, I crochets a full row of DC, then FPDC, then a full row of BPDC, switching back and forth between FPDC and BPDC until the project was as long as I wanted it to be.

Crocheting the same stitch all the way across the row, then switching, created a project with two very distinct sides. You can see that the one side has vertical ribs, and the other has horizontal post stitches.

If I had chosen to crochet this cowl in the round, I would not have to switch back and forth between FPDC and BPDC, I would choose one or the other, because in the round you do not turn your project. This will make more sense as I explain how to make a ribbed beanie.

I think that for most people round implies circle, and this is true in crochet but there are different ways to create a circle. One of the ways is to create a chain, slip stitch the end of the chain to the beginning of the chain and crochet a tube, like I suggested could be done for the cowl. You can make a beanie like this, from the bottom to the top. But, I am not going to show you how to make a beanie like that today. Nope, today we are going to learn how to make a beanie from the top to the bottom.


Yarn: Medium (4) Weight Yarn- Here I have used Vanna’s Choice

Hook: The recommended hook size for the yarn- Here I used a Boye- J-10/6.00MM

Yarn Needle/Darning Needle


Stitch Markers (Optional)

Stitches & Abbreviations:

CH- Chain

DC- Double Crochet

FPDC- Front-post Double Crochet

BPDC- Back-post Double Crochet

SLST- Slip Stitch

REP- Repeat

( )- Total Stitch Count at the End of the Row


Joined Chains. Odd number of DC in R1.


Make only one Stitch in the Stitch below unless specifically instructed to create more than one Stitch.


CH 4. Join the last CH to the Slip Knot to create a circle.

For R1 you are going to crochet inside the small circle you just created, do not crochet in the chains of the circle.

R1. 12 DC in the circle. Join with a Slip Stitch.

For R2 we are going to crochet two stiches on to the same stitch.

R2: CH 2 (Count as DC). On the next First DC of R1, you will 2 FPDC. Crochet 2 FPDC around each DC of R1 across the round. You will end with 25 stitches. Join with a Slip Stitch.

R3: CH 2 (Count as DC) FPDC onto the FPDC of R2 and DC between the 2 FPDC of R2.

Repeat around to last FPDC, end on FPDC. (48)

R4: CH 2 (Count as DC). FPDC onto the FPDC of R3. BPDC onto the DC of R3. FPDC, BPDC across round. (48)

REP R4 until project is as long as you want it to be.

This beanie will fit most medium to large heads, the ribs make the sizing very flexible.

If you want to make a smaller beanie crochet fewer DC in R1.

If you want to make a larger beanie crochet more DC in R1.

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