Sealed With A Kiss Scarf

Hello! Today is a very exciting day for me because I am bringing you a pattern of my very own making for the very first time!

I mentioned last week that a friend of mine recently became engaged to her boyfriend. I am so happy for them. This friend of mine has been a great supporter of my efforts to bring my crochet online and to online networking platforms. A few months back I published an image on Instagram showing my attempt to learn a new stitch. My friend responded that she loved the yarn that I was using and would love a scarf made with it.

Upon hearing the news of her engagement, her request felt like kismet. I had just published my post on how to create the X-Stitch, XO has become a well-known symbol for love and the scarf could count as her “something new” and “something blue.”

My first pattern, Sealed With A Kiss Scarf, for my good friend to celebrate her engagement.



Caron Simply Soft Light Country Blue (1.5 balls)




Yarn/Darning Needle

Stitches & Abbreviations

CH- Chain

XST- X- Stitch

BBL- Bobble Stitch

SC- Single Crochet

DC- Double Crochet

TC- Triple Crochet

SK- Skip

REP- Repeat

(xx)- Stitch Count at the End of a Row


I do not crochet in the slip stitch at the beginning of the chain row.




Chain Four Plus Three (CH 4+ 3)

For my project I Chained 39. (CH 39. Turn.)

Row One

I like to begin projects with a row of stitches before I begin the pattern. I like the look, I think it frames the project, however, if you do not like to have a row of stitches as a frame, skip Row One and proceed to Row Two Option Two.

DC in the 3rd CH from the hook. CH 3 counts as first DC. DC in each CH across. Turn. (36)

Row Two

This is the row of X-Stitches. I created the XST across 4 stitches, that is I skipped 2 stitches between the legs of the X and chained 2 along the top of the X. Please read this blog post to review how to make an X-Stitch.

Ch 6. (Counts as TC and CH). SK Stitch. Begin XST in 3rd DC of Row One. Create 8 XST. CH 2. TC. Turn.

Row Two Option Two
If you want to start your project with a row of X-Stitches.
Begin creating your X in the 6th CH from the hook. Create 8 XST. CH. TC. Turn.

Row Three

This is the row of Bobble Stitches. I created a Bobble Stitch with 13 loops on my hook. Please read this blog post to review how to create a Bobble Stitch.

CH 5. In the CH 2 space at the top of the X, create a Bobble Stitch. CH 3. REP until you have 8 Bobbles made (one for each X). CH 2. DC. Turn.

REP Rows Two and Three until you project is the desired length.
If you began your project with a Row One, REP Row One at the end of your project. Make sure that you end up with 36 DC in this row.


I created a SC border around the whole project. I did not fasten off after the last row of DC, I turned the project and created two SC along the length of the DC. I created 3 SC along the length of the TCs. I continued 2 SC along the side of each DC and 3 SC along the side of each TC. Along the 36 DC Rows at the end of the project, 1 SC into each DC. When you have made it all the way around the edge of the scarf fasten off.

Weave-in your ends.

Ta-Da my first free published pattern!

I have been free form crocheting for so many years, this not the first project that I have designed my own pattern, but it is amazing to write one down.

What do you guys think? I would really appreciate your opinions on the quality of my pattern writing. What could I have done better? Let’s Talk!

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