Status Update: In a Relationship with Crochet

Like any good American child, I have been trained to bring my art projects home and give them to my mom. I happen to have a great relationship with her. When I decided to make my first crochet project, I planned to make it for my mom, of course.  Using the yarn, I bought on my first shopping trip. I had worked my way through all of the cranberry yarn and had added the dusty rose yarn to my project. I had this seven-foot long by one-foot wide crocheted project. I had a crochet project! I could have stopped there, it would have made a great scarf, but I decided that I had to make my mom a blanket.

Within months of obtaining my driving learner’s permit, having spent almost no time behind the wheel within those months, my dad, my brother and I went on a road trip. Yes, I learned how to drive on a cross-country road trip. It seems fitting for my life that I decided that my first crochet project should be a blanket. I wanted to jump into crochet with both feet, no straddling the fence, go big or go home, bigger is better, insert additional commitment catch phrase here. I wanted swim in the deep end of the crochet lake.

You may not want to be in the deep end, that’s fine, you can choose your relationship status with crochet. If you want to date but don’t want something serious, crochet is cool with that. If you to hit-it and quit-it, only making one project, crochet is cool with that. But I knew that crochet was not a one-night stand for me, I was in a committed relationship from that very first stitch. Even if my stitches looked like kindergarten handwriting.

It turns out that I would be committed to my first crochet project for three years. It is the lengthiest project I have ever completed. Most projects don’t take that long to finish, graciously. Now I have a rule of thumb that I have to finish projects within a year. Do you set a timeline to complete projects? What is the longest time you spent working on a project? Tell me about it.

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