This Week is a Bust

Hey guys. Ever have weeks where you just do not get everything done that you intended? This week is not over yet and already, I know, I am not getting done what I need to. This is my doing, well somewhat.

I got a terrible summer cold last week. It put me out of commission for a few days. Second, ants have invaded my house. I have been spraying ants spray (this does not help the summer cold symptoms) and then trying to move the furniture away from the walls. I have been sitting in my chair crocheting and ants keep crawling on me, it is un-nerving. Moving all of the furniture has taken so much more time than I intended. Also, I hate the furniture arrangement. I keep moving the furniture to see if I can make it better, next thing I know the four hours I set aside to clean and crochet are gone. Third, I planned to change my eating habits, stop drinking and get my gut healthier over the next six weeks, I started on Monday. So, I fluffed off this past Saturday and spent Sunday recuperating.

Then on Tuesday I was supposed to have a job interview and the place I went for a job interview had a sign on the door that said they were not going to be back until and hour and a half until after my interview appointment time. I called them, I have not heard back. I did my laundry on Tuesday, brought it home and realized that the washer didn’t complete its cycle and there is still soap all over my clothes. And, I found out my favorite coffee shop is closing on the 23rd of this month.

The eating changes are going well though. A few years back I came across the term “Leaky Gut” for the first time. Following the recommendations that I read, I followed a strict food regimen for 12 weeks. I have never felt better in my life. I tried to stick as closely to the recommended foods for the next few years. Then I moved back to Reno. I love home, but it encourages unhealthy habits. My intention this summer is to eat better and to crochet a lot.

Here are some resources on gut health and leaky gut.

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I have crochet projects I am working on that I want to show you guys, but that is just not going to happen this week. It is not my intention to complain, just to give you a heads up on what has been going on and let you know what is to come. I have a sweatshirt on my hook, a triangle scarf, some bikini tops, a blanket, a pillow case. Like most crochet makers I have lots of projects I am working on that are all half done. And I have so so so much yarn in my stash that I want to work with.

Right now I am going to go move the furniture some more, make a smoothie and then crochet. I will have more for you on Saturday!

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