“Whenever, Wherever”: The Origins of Chelsea Crochets Around the City

One of the most attractive features of crochet as an art is its portability. Just think about carrying a canvas, paint brushes, and paints with you so that you could paint whenever you had time or inspiration struck, not something that could easily be accomplished. Crocheting requires only a hook and a ball of yarn. I had worked my first project, with the Vanna’s Choice yarn, into just a few single crochet rows before I took the project on the road. I was asked to watch a friend’s kid, while my friend had a night out. After completing the night time routine, the kid in bed, I grabbed the yarn and continued crocheting. This was the beginning of what I now call “Chelsea Crochets Around the City”.

It started small, bringing my crochet with me when I knew I would be waiting somewhere, like the DMV or a doctor’s office. Then I brought yarn with me to school and crocheted in my college classes. I create more crochet in my college classes than just about anywhere else. Soon I was crocheting at friend’s houses, at home while watching TV, out at the movies, if I was sitting (and I didn’t have homework to do) I was crocheting. I was living in D.C. and I saw a woman knitting on the metro and I couldn’t believe it hadn’t occurred to me to crochet on the metro. When I pack for a trip, my checklist includes enough yarn for the length of the trip, sometimes this requires a second suitcase, just for yarn. It’s like Shakira said “Whenever, wherever, we’re meant to be together, I’ll be there and you’ll be near…”.

Do you carry your hobby around with you? If you crochet, where do you crochet? Are you a crochet at home only person? Or are you like me and take your crochet everywhere? Tell me about it.

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